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On the start of public hearings

The mayor of the municipality of Bubuieci PROVIDES:

  1. The public discussion procedure was initiated on the following draft decisions: - "On approval of the Regulations on the possession and breeding of productive animals and poultry in the Bubuiecz commune." - "On the approval of the Regulations on keeping domestic animals with and without an owner in the Bubuiechi commune."- “On Approval of the Regulations on the Establishment and Assignment of Financial Assistance to Low-Income Persons/Families of the Bubuiecz Commune”

  2. The mayor's office of the Bubuieci commune will receive all the recommendations and proposals received on the draft decisions on paper or by e-mail at the headquarters of the mayor's office at: until 12.05.2023. described in paragraph 1 to this decision.

  3. Appointed: Svetlana Cojocaru - lawyer, Nicoleta Lupu - legal specialist, persons responsible for conducting public consultation procedures on the above draft decisions.

  4. Public hearings on the draft decisions referred to in paragraph 1 of this decision are scheduled for 05/16/2023, 16:00, in the premises of the mayor's office of the Bubuiechi commune on the street. 28 in the conference room.

15 din 18.04.2023 inițierea consultărilor publice
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